A Summer of Dead Authors

It’s Sunday evening. I’m reflecting on my last week & the upcoming week. I’m hungry for a rich perspective on life outside of the tech sphere. I think my current feeling is what people experience before they push themselves into burn out.

I’m throttling back and spending part of my summer nights reading dead authors to pull in fresh perspective.

Why read dead authors to get fresh perspective? That’s a longer conversation for another time – but very worthwhile.

I have a back porch (picture) that’s majestic after dusk. I’m starting with “If-” and other poems by Rudyard Kipling. Suggestions welcomed and encouraged.

Self Teaching

I’m pulling an all nighter preparing to teach an “Intro to Servers” class with Girl Develop IT – Boulder.

How to Setup Bower Within Rails

After arguing for a Bower/Rails integration in Why Rails needs Bower, I want to show how Bower can be integrated within Rails.

The objective is for all JS/CSS tooling and libraries to be managed by Bower while still holding to a standard Rails MVC. In other words, we’ll still use Rails to render the view templates rather than moving to a Rails-API/Javascript templated frontend. All we’re doing is using Bower to govern the CSS and JS dependencies.

Example Rails app on Github


Why Rails Needs Bower

Part 1 of 2.

Summary: The rails stack should use Bower to manage JS/CSS assets and stop packaging assets in Rails Engines.

Stopping and Switching

I set lofty goals in January, and like many of you, I’ve gone after some goals, and nearly forgotten about half of them. These were not the typical new year’s resolution goals. They did not include “workout”, “spend more time with friends”, etc.