Rails and New Beginnings

Way back in 2010 during my college years, I added functionality and fixed bugs on a Rails 2.3.x carpooling application. It was my first introduction to MVC and I loved working with Rails. I felt like I could clearly and quickly implement workflows.

The high point of my time with Rails was during 2013-2014 when I attended Rails Conf and worked with a friend to implement a DevOps SasS with Ansible and Rails. Around this time, I had enough experience to see complex problem “ecosystems”. Soon after, I started playing with other languages and frameworks.

What I learned about myself is that I was slow to move away from the Rails conventions I had come to know and leverage so well. All the experimenting helped me become a better learner. But along the way, I found myself wishing each tool was more like Rails. This was good and bad … good in that I appreciated the well-ordered artisan nature of rails and bad in that I missed the seemingly “unconventional” benefits of other toolsets I picked up.

I start a new job next week where I won’t be working with Rails. The rails infused past 6 years has been great, but I’m looking forward to new beginnings with other technologies.