Platform Building 2

tldr - week2. posted on Indie Hackers. deciding on success metrics.

What I did

Last week I pushed out the UI updates and added a feature enabling users to see past package releases. Looking at the time I spent, I think I’ll need to plan for two 2hr sessions on python toolbox a week to continue building it out.

I also ran my platform idea by the crowd. In this (IH thread)[], I asked if anyone has stolen and out-hustled someone on an idea (I wondered if getting feedback would be risky). Once satisfied I wasn’t risking anything, I posted a form of my idea in this (IH thread)[]. Two people commented on getting an invalid SSL cert (it was expired). No other feedback.


Priorities for this week

I checked Google Analytics and found that something like 8 people visited to site looking at the pandas package. I need to decide on success metrics for when people come in from google vs come from the Python Toolbox home page.

And honestly, I really haven’t decided specific actions that the site is supposed to help users with. Yes, it has info on python releases, but how is that info valuable to users? I’d love to ask that question to users live on the site. That’s the focus of this week.

So in a distilled version,