the True Nature of Code

Software is communication.

Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve come to value these less:


Software at the core is User Experience (UIX). To be more more technical, UIX is your user talking back and forth via HTTP requests/responses with your server.

The result of UIX being the end goal of software is that having Twitter Bootstap version 2.2 may not enhance your HTTP request/reponse conversation as much as other site changes. Does Bootstrap/Rails/JS MVCs/NoSQL/<other_buzz_words> matter in software development matter? Heck yes, but only in proportion how those technical cores affect the quality of the conversation between your user and your server. Over engineering for engineering sake is research, not web app development. Web 3.0 (aka, Web App Development) is about delivering user centric products, not developer feel good tools.

Therefore, here’s how I would think about the Bootstrap/Rails/etc buzzwords,





These are my opinions, which could be wrong. I’d love to learn about yours. Either leave a comment or send me an email, westonplatter “at” google email system “dot” com.